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Today’s Dental Advantage Plan

Providing Options for Patients without Insurance

Just because you do not have insurance does not mean you should not have the SMILE you deserve!  With the Today’s Dental Advantage Plan, you receive Discounts up to 25% on many dental procedures.  The advantage plan includes exams, professional cleanings, fillings and major procedures such as crowns, bridges and dentures and also includes free x-rays!

Annual membership for this dental payment plan is $100 per person!  Once you become a member the savings begin!

Who is eligible, and what are the guidelines?

  • This plan is offered in this office only
  • The Today’s Dental Advantage Plan is for any patient who does not have dental insurance
  • This plan cannot be used as a “secondary” plan to a current dental insurance plan of any type
  • Participants will pay $100 annually
  • The plan begins once you have paid your membership fee!
  • All patient portions are paid at the time of service.  A financial arrangement will be reviewed, approved and signed before any treatment is started.

Bonus!  There are no “Downgrades” in treatment selection!

Many times, the benefits of this plan are far better that Cobra Insurance or Individual Plans that can be purchased on the open market.  Call us and find out how you could be saving money!